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The superiority of tube belt conveyors

Advantages of tube belt conveyor
(1) Environmental friendly
(2) Short-radius bending capacity
Compared with other belt conveyors, tube belt conveyor has the second important advantage, that is short-radius bending capacity. This is very important for most applications since no transfer point is needed even when the conveyor belt changes direction rapidly.
(3) Large inclination
Compared with the general belt conveyors, tube belt conveyor has a larger inclination. Due to the circular cross-section, the contact area is increased between the material and the conveyor belt, the inclination angle is increased by 50%, maximum up to 27. The larger the inclination is, the shorter the conveyor is, so it may be the only viable solution due to the economy under the space and performance constraints.
(4) The return conveyor belt into a round tube
The return belt of the tube belt conveyor is also tube shape, the conveyor belt is rolled up and the overlapping part is at the bottom of the tube, which not only makes the conveyor belt to pass the same curved path as the load side but also wrap up the dirty side of conveyor belt, so it is less likely to drip or spill materials.
(5) The same quantity delivered as larger general purpose belt conveyors
(6) Deliveries on the up stroke and down travel are carried out at the same time