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Powder Separator

Powder Separator

The machine-made sand is popular among most customers. The high-end equipment manufacturing sand has been promoted by our company. The key equipment of sand system includes stone crusher(crusher machine) and powder separator. The powder separator is one of the sand making machine.

The principle of powder separator is as follows:
The powder separator is static powder concentrator without drive disk assembly inside. It is made up of grid trays in parallel arrangement. The materials fall on the stair. The selecting airflow through stairs could select the fine powder from the materials and transport them to fixed outlet. If the selecting airflow is adjusted, the size distribution and flow rate could be changed. Besides, caking materials could be scattered when crashing against the stair, which increases the separation efficiency.

Model Feeding Particle Size(mm) Capacity Total Installed Power  Overall Dimension(L*W*H)M
 SXSJ-60  0-60  60(t/h)  280kw  12×8×14
 SXSJ-100  0-60  100(t/h)  500kw  15×9×16
 SXSJ-150  0-60  150(t/h)  650kw  17×10×18

Process Flow Diagram 

Grain Class Distribution Curve Of Machine-Made Sand

 Particle Size Range Screening(%)  4.74-2.36  2.36-1.18 1.18-0.6   0.6-0.3  0.3-0.15 0.15-0 
 Upper Limit of National Standard Second Zone  25%  25%  22%  20%  2%  6%
 Lower Limit of National Standard Second Zone  0  10%  30%  30%  10%  20%
 Machine-Made Sand Of JULI  14.10%  18.60%  25.70%  22.00%  9.10%  10.50%

The Machine-Made Sand of JULI conforms to medium sand curving section of National Standard Second Zone. 

Mellow And Full Particle Shape


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