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How to arrange tensioning device in the belt conveyor

Belt conveyor is an indispensable part of the bulk handling equipment, choosing a reasonable form of tensioning device and arranging it in the appropriate position is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor and prevent the belt from slipping. Generally, the following factors should be considered in the installation of tensioning device:
1) Tension device should be arranged in the location with minimum tension.
2) There is a need to consider the force field affected by tensioning device and install two tensioning devices if necessary.
3) Tension device should be as close as possible to the transmission drum.
4) In the condition of double drum driven, the tensioning device is generally set at the separation point of the latter transmission drum; while it can also be set between the two transmission drums considering the transmitting of braking force.
5) For any type of tensioning devices, they must be arranged to make sure the belts wound in and out of the tensioning drum parallel to the drum pull line, and the applied tensioning force must pass through the center of the drum.