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Wet sand making VS Dry sand making

At present, infrastructure industry is vigorously promoted, there is great potential for the sand-making production line which is the core processing machine of sand and gravel making, the main products include stone crusher, column crusher and so on. Wet sand-making and dry sand-making are two mature methods in the market, each has advantage and disadvantage. So it is recommended that customers make their choice according to local conditions in order to get higher profits. Below are the specific description of two methods:
1. for different regions
Wet sand-making is suitable to use in areas with rich water resource. In contrast, dry sand-making method is adapted to the arid areas far away from water sources such as northern area.
2. the following equipment are different
The following equipment required for wet sand-maker is sand washer, which can make the particle rounder and greatly remove the dirt. Whereas dry sand-maker is followed by powder concentrator to realize the separation of sand and powder, so the qualified building sand is selected and the dust is collected as by-product.
3. different investment costs
Dry sand-making production line adopts efficient powder concentrator for sand separation, the production process requires no water cleaning, which can save the cost on the water and wastewater treatment, so dry sand-making needs lower production cost compared to wet sand-making method.
4. different environmental philosophy
Dry sand-making can conserve water resources, but also produces severe dust pollution, so auxiliary dust removal equipment is needed to achieve green production; while the wet sand-making uses large amounts of water for sand washing, which creates no dust in the working environment and causes no air pollution, but it will waste massive water resources.