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How to select continuous ship unloader

Continuous ship unloaders mainly deal with the material reclaiming inside the cabin and lifting the material out of the cabin. The nature of bulk material has a great impact on the performance of ship unloaders, so they must be carefully chosen.
(1) reliability and safety
At present, all kinds of ship unloaders in the world can meet above requirements. No only the smoothness of operation but also the corresponding safety protection device can adapt to the actual operation. And the operation automation is continuously improved. Computer programmable controller is widely used to achieve unloading control and contact to the control center, the transmission of information is more advanced.
(2) maintainability
Since the continuous ship unloaders adopt all-closed delivery system, so there are inspection and maintenance difficulties. However, they have a common advantage of high degree of automation that can takes short time to find faults. The maintenance in the delivery system is the key point in the whole maintenance of continuous ship unloaders.
(3) economy
In the economic analysis of equipment, we must consider comprehensive factors: for example, initial investment, production efficiency, service life, energy consumption and maintenance costs.