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Technological Transformation of Apron Feeder

Since apron feeder is used in the first step of crushing process, the strong impact from ore to the equipment easily leads to wear or deformation, which will impede continuous production. Our company puts forward transformation suggestions in terms of economic, security and on-site construction environment.
(A). After a long run, the following problems may arise:
1. Consumption of the chain plate is too fast.
2. Amount of supporting wheels is too much.
3. Maintenance space is narrow.
(B). Put forward technological transformation solutions
The technical transformation solutions are to solve the problems existing in the outline. Through the on-site investigation of the apron feeder and information from the operators, as well as considering the situation we encountered during the operation, we advance the following enhancement solutions.
1, Transformation of supporting wheels
According to the site conditions, the space and the operation of the apron feeder, the idler rollers or rails steel (with lubrication system) are designed separately. After the transformation, the equipment structure is stable, without serious noise, and the cost will be significantly reduced.
2, Transformation of the chain plate
Due to the roller (rail steel) design, the contact area between it and the chain plate increases, whereas their point contact decreases. And materials of high wear-resistance and thickened plates are used for the chain plate to further improve its service life.