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The derusting method for the sand maker and stone crusher

Since most of the mining equipment, such as sand maker, stone crusher and grinding machine, are made of steel, rusting is a normal chemical reaction due to the equipment’s outside working frequently or in a wet environment and being idle for a long-time. Rusting does not matter, but should be promptly handled with to prevent its long-term rusting, which will damage the machine and affect the normal use. Followings are four ways to remove rust:
1, chemical derusting: an efficient method to remove the rust from the metal surface by the use of the reaction between acid and metal oxide. This method is commonly known as acid pickling and only possible to be operated in the workshop;
2, high-pressure water abrasive derusting: removing rust and coating from the steel plate by the high-pressure water jet impact and the prized role of water.
3, wind or electric derusting: powered by electricity or compressed air, the deruster can complete the operation in reciprocating motion or rotary motion to meet any derusting requirements.
4, smear anti-oxidation paint: painting the steel surface with iron oil, paint or coating them by burned enamel and spray and so on. Or coatig the steel surface in the electroplating or hot-dip with rust-proof metal, such as zinc, tin, chromium, nickel, etc. These kinds of metal can form a dense oxide film on the surface, that preventing iron products from rust. Chemical methods can also be used to generate a dense and stable oxide film on the surface of iron products to prevent the rust
Here to remind users, maintenance is necessary whenever the equipment is used or idle and good performance of the device can bring revenue to the enterprise.