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The Design Optimization Of Bulk Cargo Terminal Storage Yard

With the economic globalization, the bulk cargo terminal plays an important role. Our company optimizes the design of bulk cargo terminal to increase the operating efficiency and reduce the cost. 
The bulk cargo terminal is one important part of handling system and also the place where the materials are stored. The optimizing of the belt conveyor system could increase the flexibility of stacker reclaimer, increasing the use ratio of stock yard. In this way, the operation efficiency could be better, realizing the energy conservation and efficiency of storage yard. 
According to the characteristics of bulk cargo, the loading and unloading line is divided into 3 types including stacking line, reclaiming line, and combined line. According to different processing layout, the belt conveyor system will be collocated with different handling machinery such as stacker, reclaimer, apron feeder and etc. In generally, one belt conveyor system is arranged with one handling machinery, which is called as " One Belt, One Machine ". In this layout, if the working location of stacker reclaimer is near to the tail of belt conveyor, much energy will be wasted. 
"One belt, Two machines" means that two handling machines will be used to coordinate one belt conveyor system. When the stacker reclaimer operates, the reclaimer could also operate. The energy waste could be avoided, increasing the transport efficiency of conveyor system.