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Why building automated warehouse has become inevitable

At present, the main problems of automated warehouse include low use ratio, unobvious effects, uncertain scale, unobtrusive advantage, which makes many storage resources idle. The reasons are mainly showed in following aspects: 
The diagnoses working of warehouse construction and plan is not completed successfully. There is no necessary research and analyzing. After completing the construction of automated warehouse, people will find that the use ratio is so low. 
People has poor understanding for the warehouse mechanization and roboticized idea. The lack of understanding and reluctance of using equipment make people stay in the stage of manual operation and have no confidence in the automated warehouse. In this way, the automated warehouse's research and usage are abandoned inwardly. 
Although the change of external factor and turn of events, the warehouse equipment and management system have not related change and upgrade. As time passes, it will lose the original market, which will make the warehouse stay in the idle conditions. 
The related quality of people is not good. Most EPC companies don't pay attention to the training of operating personnel and maintenance personnel. In this way, the operating personnel has no related knowledge, which would make the present equipment not to play roles. 
The automated warehouse is the key unit of materials circulation, which plays an important role. In advanced country, building automated warehouse has become inevitable. The automated warehouse has huge business opportunity in the long run.