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Maintenance Matters Needing Attention For The Impact Stone Crusher

For the impact stone crusher, the periodic maintenance working is very important. The stone crusher must be lubricated periodically. The machine should be checked before starting and after stopping. When the daily maintaining is completed perfectly, the stone crusher could have sufficient application. 
The lubrication of impact stone crusher:
Before starting the impact stone crusher, the moderate lubricating grease should be added between brackets. The selecting of the lubricating grease should be according to the using site and conditional decision. In generally, the calcium-based and sodium-based lubricating grease are adopted. The lubrication could guarantee the normal running and prolong the service life of stone crushers. The lubricating grease added into the bearing pedestal should be changed every 3 months. When changing the oil, the clean gasoline or kerosene should be used to clean the rollaway nest of roller bearing. 
The usage of impact stone crusher:
After the stone crusher starts, the materials could be casted. Before stopping machine, the materials should be stopped. When the materials in the crushing cavity are discharged, the electrical machine could be closed. If the fixed or sewing jaw has wear in one end, they could be used by turning around. After using stone crusher for a long time, the adapter sleeve should be retightened. In normal conditions, the bearing temperature should not be over 30 ℃. The largest temperature is 70 ℃. If it is over above temperature, we should stop the stone crusher quickly to check the actual reason.