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The Reason Summaries Of Belt Conveyor Tapebreak

The belt conveyor is widely used to transport the loose materials because of large delivery capacity, simple structure, low cost, easy maintenance and other features. Especially in mining, the belt conveyor has wide application. If the conveyor belt break, the belt will slide for many miles, which would break up the idler, pipe, rack cable, and small parts. If serious, the belt and materials will form bulk deposition, which would result in the halt production. The reasons of belt break are as follows:
1. The gear reducer is damaged. The fluid coupling has hydrojet phenomenon. The changeover of electromotor is also one of the reasons.
2. The conveyor belt joint has something wrong. The conveyor belt joint is divided into mechanical splice and vulcanized joint. The quality of mechanical splice is worse than that of vulcanized joint. So the application ration of mechanical splice is small. For the vulcanized joint, if the vulcanizing temperature and sulfide stress are not controlled accordingly, the quality is also bad. 
3. If the other things enter during the transportation, the transportation load will become large.
4. The variation of stresses becomes large when starting and stopping the equipment, which also will lead to the break of the belt. We should start the belt conveyor in the conditions of no load. 
5. The self quality of belt is not good. The service life of belt is too long. 
6. The materials allocation is uneven, which would lead to the off tracking of belt. 
In order to avoid the belt break, the protecting device should be set.