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The Lubrication Importance On the Mining equipment

As we all know, the lubrication is very important to the equipment. The lubrication could reduce friction and protect the equipment. The main functions of lubrication include lubricating, cooling, rust protection, cleaning, sealing, buffer and etc.
1. reduce friction and wear
Through reducing the friction, we could reduce the wear of mechanical parts and other moving parts, prolonging the service life of moving parts. 
2. cooling function
The flow of abrasive could take away the heat produced by running. In this way, the equipment could work in reasonable temperature. 
3. rust protection
After lubrication cover the surface of mechanical friction, the surrounding medium could be avoided to touch, preventing the corrosive function.
4. washing function
When the lubrication flows, the dust and related grains could be washed. In this way, the wear could be reduced. 
5. damping function
The rigidity of lubricating oil is small, which has damping function. 
6. sealing function
When using lubricating grease, we could protect the sealing parts from damage because of the self-given function of lubricating grease. 
7. reducing the function and power loss
The lubricating agent could reduce the consumption and friction coefficient, which would reduce the power loss to some degree. Most EPC companies would choose suitable lubricating agent to increase the efficiency of equipment such as apron feeder, screw conveyor, belt conveyor, stacker reclaimer and etc.