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The Function Of Belt Conveyor Roller

The belt conveyor roller could adopt the black rubber belt, which could be used for transporting materials in bags, sand and gravel, coal briquette and etc. Most EPC companies could realize the positive and negative transportation through increasing gib block below. Besides, we could realize the transportation of bulk materials by adding the dam-boards. The roller is the important part of the conveyor. The roller has many types. The quality of roller directly influences the quality of conveyor. The roller determines the performance of conveyor and service life of conveyor. The structure of roller set confirms the load bearing of conveyor. 
The basic requirement of roller includes reasonable structure, wear well performance, better dustproof performance, good waterproofness and reliable performance. The bearing should have good lubrication, light weight, small steering resistance, low fabricating cost and smooth surface. The function of roller is supporting conveyer belt and the materials on belt, ensuring the smooth running. The flute profile forms, which could increase the freight volume and avoid the scattering of materials. There are many rollers for one belt conveyor. So the quality of rollers greatly influence the running resistance, service life, operating cost and etc. The rollers of belt conveyor are different from the unpowered pulley, although they are similar in form and appearance. The rollers of belt conveyor have large bearing capacity. The rollers should be located in dry environment and changed timely.