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How To Better Maintain The Mining Equipment In Summer

In summer, the high temperature will bring difficulties to the usage of mining equipment. The user should prevent high temperature of mining equipment in advance. What problems will appear in summer? The high temperature of water tank and engine would result in the damage to the cooling system, hydraulic system, circuit, and tire. In this way, the use ratio of mining equipment would be reduced and failure rate would be increased, which increases the construction cost. We should do high temperature protection of mining equipment in advance. 
Firstly, we should maintain the mining equipment. We should change the engine oil of apron feeder, stacker reclaimer, belt conveyor. The belt should be changed or adjusted. We should check whether the performance of fan, water tank, generator, compressor is reliable. If necessary, we should do maintenance or change.   
Secondly, we should increase the viscosity grade of the equipment in high temperature zone. The cooling system and fuel system should be checked at the same time. The aged electric wire, plug, pipeline, screw, and pipe line should be changed in regular, avoiding the leakage of oil. The dust should be cleaned to guarantee the high efficiency and better heat dissipation. 
Thirdly, we should charge the accumulator in time. The charge current should be reduced accordingly. The connection of circuit should be reliable. The fuse capacity should conforms to the standard of safe usage. What's the most important is that the equipment should be with one or two fire extinguishers.
Finally, the equipment should be placed in the shady and cool zone, avoiding the solarization. The combination of forced cooling and natural cooling could increase the efficiency of equipment in high temperature.