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The Features Of EPC Companies

EPC means that one turnkey company is responsible for prospecting, designing, purchasing, constructing, commissioning, and other process. The working content, responsibility, tasks will be  explicitly stipulated in contract form. Internationally, project general contracting in petroleum, chemical, electric power and other industries is called as EPC. Sometimes, EPC companies would serve for materials handling industry such as the design and manufacturing of pipe conveyor. According to the practice at home and abroad, mature EPC companies should have following features. 
The operating income mainly comes from providing project services(including project contracting and project management) to the end user. 
The business range covers the total process of project including preliminary consultation, design, purchasing, construction, commission, EPC, PMC, PM and other services. 
The mature EPC companies have comprehensive abilities including design, purchasing, construction. Besides, they have advantages in some aspects.
The project general contracting has various types including EPC, EPCm, EPCs, EPCa, LSTK, BOT and etc.
The project control department, quality control department, designing department, purchasing department, construction department, commission department and other departments would be established to meet the developing requirements. 
There are many professionals in various fields such as language, computer, technology and etc. There are mature project managing system including institutional framework responsibility, project management procedure documents, work book of job position.
The mature EPC companies have advanced technology and pay attention to the development of technology. 
In China, most EPC companies start from designing or manufacturing company. Based on the above experience, they develop the comprehensive strength.