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The Analysis and Solution of Blades of Screw Conveyor

The screw conveyor is a kind of continuous conveyor which is widely used in coal, building materials, chemical, grain, and machining industry. Most EPC companies use screw conveyor, belt conveyor, stacker reclaimer, apron feeder to complete the materials handling process. The service life of screw conveyor depends on the service life of screw blades. 
At present, the helical blade has stretched type, rolled type, casted type, and extruded type. Different forming method obtains different sectional forms of blades. Most methods get the screw blades with uniform thickness. It is so important that we should carry on the analysis of abrasive resistance and study the effective method of improving performance of blades. If the screw blade wears, the whole screw shaft will incline under the effect of gravity. Then the center line of screw shaft inclines, leading to the extrusion to the grease collar and sealing of driving components. The eccentric wear will occur when rotating, which results in the abrasion of copper bush. Besides, the interval between upside cylinder wall and screw blade becomes large. When the interval exceeds the effective elastic range of sealing, muck will enter into the annular seal space. In this way, the wear of sealing would be worse, which results in the pollution of driving box. 
In order to prevent the pollution of driving box and wear of blades which shortens the service life of screw conveyor, we should paint the blades and other quick-wear parts to protect the equipment materials from water erosion and cavitation erosion.