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The Matters Needing Attention About The Usage Of Belt Conveyor

The belt conveyor transports the materials through friction drive. We should pay attention to the working of maintenance. The maintenance contents are as follows:
1. After usage for a long time, the belt will become loose. At this time, we should adjust tighten screw or balancing weight.
2. If the heart of belt exposes, we should fix it timely.
3. If the belt breaks, we should get rid of the broken area.
4. The regular checking on the conveying belt joint is very necessary. 
5. The rubber face's wear pattern should be checked timely, avoiding the unnecessary loss.
6. If the wear conditions is bad, we could consider that the old belt coordinates with new belt. 
The operating method is as follows:
First, the new conveyor belt should be transported to the tail of equipment. Then one stick should be set on the carrier. On the other side of conveyor belt, the carrier and coiling block are prepared to used by old conveyor belts. We should use knife to cut the old belt and bring the top layer to the coiling block. For the lower layer, we use punch to create holes which are connected with bolts. Then the motor is started in interval, making the old belt reach the pulley and new belt reach bond place.