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How To Get Rid Of Awkward Situation In Stacker Reclaimer

The design prototype of bucket wheel stacker reclaimer is the excavator. They are alike in the aspect of structure and design principle. However, the working environment is so different. The bucket wheel stacker reclaimer consists of bucket-wheel device, cantilever crane, superstructure, swing mechanism, revolving platform, running gear, gate seat, belt conveyor and tripper car. There are many types including cantilever type, gate-type, and bridge type according to the application structure. There are crawler-type, rubber-tyred, and rail-mounted according to the mode of operation. 
The best feature of stacker reclaimer is the high working efficiency. The excavator and carrying machinery could not work together. The crawler-type operating mode limits the operating speed, which is the reason that the excavator has a low efficiency. The stacker reclaimer could operate according to the fixed route, which reduces the conveying time. Besides, the fault rate of this mode is very low, which reduces the transporting cost and maintenance fee. At the same time, the unnecessary loss of fault could be avoided. The construction cost is so low with small consumption. That explains why the stacker reclaimer is so popular in domestic and foreign market. 
The higher requirements on stacker reclaimer are proposed to meet the development of technology. However, our country's technology is not advanced. The advanced country carries the monopoly of techniques. For this, every technology worker should be positive to develop new technology to make a contribution to country.