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The Selecting Method Of Automated Warehouse

Different automated warehouse has different height, goods shelf, aisle width. The facility should be suitable for the type of warehouse. 
According to the height of warehouse, the automated warehouse could be classified as follows: 
The lower layers of automated warehouse:This kind of automated warehouse's height is under 5 meters, which is transformed from the old warehouse. This also an method to improve the technology level of automated warehouse.
The middle-level of automated warehouse: This automated warehouse has height of 5-15m. This type has low requirement on the equipment of warehouse with low cost and wide application.
The high-rise automated warehouse: This warehouse's height is over 15m. Because of high requirement on equipment, the installation is difficult and the application is rare.
According to the structure of goods shelf, the classification is as follows:
The format type automated warehouse: This kind of warehouse is widely used by clients. Each layer of goods shelf has the same size of space. Stacker reclaimer could operates in the passageway. Sometimes, the designer should also consider the belt conveyor design to coordinate the operation of the whole automated warehouse.
The hollowthrough automated warehouse: This automated warehouse is called movable shelf warehouse. There is no interval and passageway set. 
The cabinet type automated warehouse:This automated warehouse consists of shell, controlling device, operation board, storage box, and driving device. It has features of closure, miniaturization, intelligent performance and security.
The bar type automated warehouse: It is used to store bar-type and barrel-type goods.