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The blade process of the screw conveyor

The screw conveyor is a kind of conveyor equipment without flexible components. The screw conveyor conveys the materials through the screw blades in a certain direction. The screw conveyor has features of simple structure, small cross-sectional area, good sealing property, safe operating and flexible processing set-up. The screw conveyor is usually used in machine tool, construction materials, chemical and grain fields. The drawing technology of screw conveyor will be introduced below in detail.
1. The external diameter of screw, screw pitch, blade sickness, the diameter of hollow axle will be confirmed. Then the blank dimension of the bade will be figured out.
2. Then the blades will be welded together. When a set of blades are compacted, the inner hole of the blade is located with a dabber, avoiding the dislocation among blades.
3. According to the unfolding dimension of welded blades, the inner bore and top circle are processed. When processing the top circle, the spot welding should be removed. Otherwise, the blade could not form itself in drawing machine.
4. The first blade and end blade are separately fixed in the drawing machine. Starting the drawing machine, the blade could be drawn to form the shape.