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Continuous Ship Unloader

Continuous Ship Unloader

Continuous ship unloader(bucket unloader) is a kind of continuous unloading machine, which reclaims the materials from cabin through chain bucket and then unload the materials to the wharf by conveyor system. Continuous ship unloader mainly consists of following components: lifting mechanism, rotation mechanism, receiving device for materials, elevation mechanism, travelling mechanism, and belt conveyor system. 

Performance Feature

high unloading efficiency : The unloading efficiency could reach over 65% of rating productivity, while the efficiency of grab ship-unloader could only keep 50% -55%.
environmental protection: The materials could be transported in the sealing condition, which would not result in flying dust and leak of materials. 
low energy consumption: There is no frequent accelerating, decelerating, starting and braking for continuous ship unloader. The energy consumption is about 1MJ/t-1.25MJ/t. 
stable running: The continuous ship unloader(bucket unloader) has continuous working method. 

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